Comprehensive Scoliosis Care
for Children and Adults

70% of all scoliosis progression occurs in a small window of time, during pubertal growth. These growth spurts are occurring during the school year and will cause a worsening of curvatures and even produce visible spinal deformity. Regardless of missed time at school, pro active exercise based treatment should be prescribed and taught for home use to ward off negative effects of school year growth progression.

We understand that the pressures from missing school can be overwhelming but we also understand that there is an enormous risk involved with postponing scoliosis treatment. Often children who delay their ScoliSMART™ program until they miss little or no school results in further progression and ultimately less overall reduction of their scoliosis. The “split week” program allows kids to miss less school at one time and still get started on doing their home exercise protocols designed to reduce and stabilize spinal curvature. In addition, while they are attending each of their 5 day bootcamps they are released from care in early afternoon usually by 4:00pm, which allows ample time to do their school work eliminating the overload of homework. Kids often comment on how nice it is to have that much down time to focus on their school assignments.

Halt Progression – Reduce Curve Size – Improve Body Image – Proven Results

"Split Week" Scoliosis Bootcamp Saved Me From Spinal Fusion Surgery

split week xray split week saved me from surgery
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