Over the last 15 years of clinical practice, ScoliSMART has been on a journey to find "a better way" to treat scoliosis.

A better way that focuses on treating the condition itself, and not just the spinal curve.

A better way that produces no side effects or pain for the patient and non-invasively re-trains the brain on how to automatically hold the spine in a straighter position.

A better way to allow a kid to still be a kid — not a condition. It can be done.

You may be wondering what separates the ScoliSMART™ brand from other clinics or treatment options. First of all, the ScoliSMART™ brand is not a specific treatment, but rather, a promise of integrity. When you choose one of our doctors you are choosing an expert in the field of non-invasive scoliosis diagnosis, treatment, and management.

We are a focused group of doctors who have dedicated our careers to finding a better way to successfully treat scoliosis. All of our certified doctors are Fellows of the International Chiropractic Scoliosis Board. Our group of doctors has published scoliosis research, presented at SOSORT (International Society on Scoliosis Orthopedic Rehabilitation and Treatment), written hundreds of scoliosis articles, patented innovative exercise equipment, and taught post-graduate classes on the topic of non-surgical treatment of scoliosis.

We lead and operate dedicated scoliosis practices that are patient-focused. We offer a variety of techniques, diagnostics, and management strategies to best serve you or your child’s needs. We strive to make it easy for patients to succeed at avoiding invasive scoliosis procedures by minimizing the risk of progression and ultimately providing an effective program to alter the natural course of scoliosis, long-term.

We practice in an environment of informed choice based on four principles:

  • Scoliosis treatment is tailored to the individual
  • The alignment of your spine is controlled by your brain
  • In order to permanently alter the alignment of your spine we must engage the areas of your brain that control alignment
  • The most effective way to engage the alignment areas of your brain is to Un-Lock the Spine (i.e., increase flexibility) and Re-Train muscle memory using ScoliSMART™ exercises
ScoliSMART approach to treating scoliosis

This core understanding allows our doctors to provide excellence in scoliosis treatment and management. Offering new and innovative scoliosis equipment, combined with our clinical experience. Ensure positive outcomes for patients and families.

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Life-changing results without surgery or bracing
Comprehensive & personalized solutions
Experts dedicated to scoliosis treatment
Cutting-edge, innovative scoliosis treatment approach

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Dr. Clayton J Stitzel

Dr. Clayton J. Stitzel

Dr. Mark Morningstar

Dr. Mark Morningstar

Dr. Brian T Dovorany

Dr. Brian T. Dovorany

Dr. Aatif Siddiqui

Dr. Aatif Siddiqui