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How Can a Simple Urine Test Determine Your Child's Scoliosis Nutritional Needs?

Rebalancing Neurotransmitter Levels May Help Prevent Scoliosis Progression and Improve Response to Scoliosis Exercises

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lab-testWhat Are Neurotransmitters?

Neurotransmitters are chemicals used by our brain to communicate with the rest of the body. To use an analogy, our nervous system is similar to a long stretch of roads and highways. Along various roads we come to a traffic light. These ‘intersections’ or junctions use neurotransmitters to allow nerve communication to continue on down the road, similar to the way a green light allows traffic through, and red tells it to stop. If there aren’t enough ‘green light’ neurotransmitters, the brain cannot effectively communicate with the rest of the body, thus contributing to neurological symptoms.

How Are Neurotransmitters Checked?

ScoliSMART™ clinics utilize urinalysis testing to look for direct measures of neurotransmitters. Urinalysis is an easy, non-invasive means of collecting this information. A single morning collection of urine is enough to evaluate the most common neurotransmitters.

How Are Neurotransmitter Problems Treated?

Since neurotransmitters are created from amino acids, and metabolized by various enzymes, neurotransmitter imbalances can typically be corrected by individualized amino acid and/or enzyme supplementation. Once neurotransmitter imbalances are corrected via supplementation, ongoing maintenance can often be achieved by dietary modification, thus introducing food choices that are rich in specific amino acids or enzymes.

How do neurotransmitter imbalances relate to scoliosis?

Preliminary research suggests that specific neurotransmitter deficiencies may contribute to the development or progression of idiopathic scoliosis. Some neurotransmitters are vital for the maintenance of normal postural control. Therefore, if those neurotransmitters are out of balance, postural control suffers, and therefore may create an environment favorable to the development of scoliosis, or the progression of an existing scoliosis. It is also important to restore normal neurotransmitter levels so that patients may improve their ability to participate in exercise-based scoliosis programs. Since ScoliSMART™ exercises require repetitive stimulation of postural control centers, having normal neurotransmitter levels may help scoliosis patients get better results from their specifically prescribed ScoliSMART™ exercises.

Is Neurotransmitter Testing Covered By My Insurance?

Yes, typically most insurance companies provide for neurotransmitter testing. 

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