Comprehensive Scoliosis Care
for Children and Adults

They are the first scoliosis treatment approach that uses nutritional support principles in combination with both static and dynamic Auto Response Training equipment. Recent clinical studies have shown that certain neurotransmitter (brain chemical) imbalances are commonly found in scoliosis patients. These neurotransmitters are directly related to your spine’s reflex control mechanism which affects your spine’s alignment.

Our doctors test these neurotransmitters and provide supplementation to support, Rebalance, and prevent spinal fatigue during exercises. Neurotransmitter monitoring in combination with Auto Response Training create a unique environment for positively influencing these spine reflexes and reducing your scoliosis. Auto Response Training is performed using specialized equipment such as the TorsoTrainer™, Scoliosis Cantilever™ and the patented ScoliSMART™ Activity Suit™.

torso-trainer-frontScoliSMART™ exercises focus on your spines reflexes and subconscious brain control. Like the beating of our heart, the alignment of our spinal column is controlled by your brain. Like your heart beat, your spinal alignment cannot be directly controlled by you. You can, however, indirectly influence this control mechanism by causing a reaction.

Our doctors use innovative exercise equipment, this equipment effectively engages the muscles influencing your spine’s alignment. This equipment influences how the brain contracts your spine’s deep muscle layers, the layers controlling alignment of your spine. You do not “think” about which muscle to contract, rather your spines natural righting reflexes automatically do it for you. This is known as Auto Response Training.

If you were to run up a flight of stairs your heart would automatically increase its rate in order to produce more blood flow. It is an autonomic reflex that increased the heart rate; we use this same principal to cause your spinal reflexes to react causing more symmetrical muscle firing resulting in a straighter spine.

We use two types of Auto Response Training: Dynamic, with movement, and Static, without movement. Your spinal reflexes are constantly controlling your spines alignment and stability when sitting, standing, or walking. There are different muscles that are firing in a sequence during each of these actions. The static training is performed standing while balancing on a vestibular disc using specialized cantilevers that create forces on the head, torso, or pelvis which in turn cause a corrective response by the spinal reflexes that reduce your scoliosis. The dynamic training is performed while walking wearing a specialized neoprene suit that creates torque forces which cause your spinal reflexes to reduce your scoliosis.

The use of neurotransmitter testing and support enhances your potential for new muscle programs to form. By creating a custom nutritional support program we can help strengthen your spinal reflexes which in turn leads to a stronger exercise induced response, better scoliosis reduction, and overall stability of your spine.

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