Become stronger than scoliosis with the ScoliSMART Activity Suit

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March 1, 2021

The ScoliSMART Activity Suit is specifically designed to create a resistance training effect on your spine. Each time you take a step while wearing the SAS, your body resists the suit’s force. This natural resistance changes the spine’s stored energy and firing sequence.

The latest innovation for treating idiopathic scoliosis.

What if there was an option to actively relieve symptoms of scoliosis that did not include bracing or surgery? What if this option improved the spinal curve?

Thankfully, there is.

The ScoliSMART Activity Suit (SAS) provides an active solution, right now, for children and adults with idiopathic scoliosis.

For many people diagnosed with moderate scoliosis, the recommended treatment is often a rigid brace, worn for 23 hours each day. Bracing has been the standard used for decades for scoliosis curves over 25º. The goal of bracing is to prevent the condition from getting worse and requiring surgery.

Yet, bracing has never improved scoliosis curvatures.

The innovative design encourages activity, and uses natural walking movement and targeted resistance to reduce spine curvature and lessen pain in children and adults suffering from scoliosis.

Movement is essential

The unique design of the device requires movement. Developed to work with the natural torque pattern of human locomotion, the SAS harnesses the body’s energy when walking,  to create new and improved muscle memory.

Reduces scoliosis pain

The new and improved muscle memory learned from daily activity while wearing the SAS reduces and stabilizes asymmetrical muscle firing. Often when muscles coordinate more efficiently, patients experience better movement and less pain.

It’s easy to use

The form-fitting and lightweight neoprene support is designed through advanced engineering and human biomechanics analysis to improve scoliosis. The SAS is typically worn 20-30 minutes, two times each day.

The ScoliSMART Activity Suit is specifically designed to create a resistance training effect on your spine. Each time you take a step while wearing the SAS, your body resists the suit’s force. This natural resistance changes the spine’s stored energy and firing sequence.

The SAS activates muscles in your spine which help to reprogram muscle firing and coordination of muscles. Each triggered response improves posture and overall function and stabilizes scoliosis. Over time, the spine adapts and improves according to demand.

Unlike a brace, which restricts movement and decreases muscle activity, the ScoliSMART Activity Suit increases muscle activity as you move throughout the day. Its four components work together to provide support that helps improve posture, alignment and center of gravity.

Vest: Provides excellent support for the thoracic spine and rib cage.

Belt: Provides excellent support for the lumbar spine and pelvic tilt/rotation.

Leg Band: Causes the resistance between the body and leg creating increased muscle activity in the spine.

Tension Straps: Creates resistance between the torso and hips which helps guide the untwisting muscle activity.

These modular pieces are custom-sized based on each person’s body and scoliosis curvature. The contoured design and flexible materials ensure maximum benefit and patient comfort

For kids, the ScoliSMART Activity Suit is paired with the ScoliSMART Boot Camps for best results. The suit encourages activity and does not limit movement. Wearing the SAS  works to decrease the risk of curve progression and helps the spine unwind naturally, without force.

With the ScoliSMART Activity Suit, kids get to still be kids.

We are SO thankful for and the gift of Neuromuscular Retraining that they shared with us! Our 12 year old son, Andrew, was on the fast track to surgery when we learned about ScoliSMART. Andrew came in to see Dr. Dovorany in a brace almost 2 years ago. Today, our son is considered "non-scoliotic" by our Orthopedist and has not worn a brace since he began the ScoliSMART program. Andrew currently runs on the track team for his school even though he will continue with the ScoliSMART program until he reaches maturity. We are so thankful for this gift of a more "normal" life for our son! Highly recommend this treatment to anyone!

Jenny L

Kids improve when the SAS is combined with a comprehensive treatment program including the ScoliSMART BootCamp and genetic and clinical testing

For adults, the ScoliSMART Activity Suit means less pain and easier movement. The unique design provides curve support, corrects faulty body mechanics, improves spinal alignment and decreases joint pressure.

The ScoliSMART Activity Suit improves quality of life.

Wearing the SAS has eliminated rib pain which I had for ten years. I have been able to run, walk, and lift weights in the suit. It is life changing!

Christina B.

Dr. Mark Morningstar designed this new therapy device to give his patients hope. Through his clinical practice, he witnessed countless families with children and adults struggling to cope with bracing limitations, pain and the potential for major surgery. His passion, hours of research and feedback from families drove him to develop the ScoliSMART Activity Suit.

The results from patients are compelling. Adult scoliosis patients who use the SAS have achieved significant improvements in pain levels, as well as their ability to perform normal daily activities. Dr. Morningstar’s research, published in the International Journal of Clinical Medicine, has shown that 79% of adult patients wearing the device for 4-6 hours per day over an 18-month period saw their scoliosis improve by at least 6 degrees, and enjoyed significant reductions in pain.

Kids who use the suit experience curve improvement. According to a recent study published through the National Center for Biotechnology Information, Dr. Morningstar found that wearing the SAS for two hours every day, prevented curve progression in adolescent patients, and improved the scoliosis curve by an average of 7 degrees in patients under nine years old.

The ScoliSMART Activity Suit promises the best and most effective outcome for changing scoliosis spine curvature in kids and reducing pain for adults.

Developing positive muscle memory, increasing spinal strength through movement and dramatically reducing pain, the ScoliSMART Activity Suit provides a robust solution for children and adults with scoliosis.  

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