Exercises That Stop Scoliosis

Dr. Clayton J Stitzel
Last updated on
October 31, 2021

There are many newer treatments that include scoliosis exercises. Some focus on breathing mechanics and function. Others use mirror-image type exercises. But, the best scoliosis exercises are those that help create a new "Posture Memory". This approach teaches the brain how to hold the spine in a less-twisted, straighter position on its own.

"Many patients can avoid back braces and fusion surgery with exercises for scoliosis that improve posture memory."

-Clayton J. Stitzel DC

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Scoliosis exercise programs hope to improve scoliosis by teaching the body to hold itself straighter. Many patients report that bracing and surgical treatments increase pain and have poor long-term results. This leaves many seeking alternative scoliosis treatments

Bracing and surgery only focus on improving curve measurement on an x-ray.  ScoliSMART scoliosis exercises target the cause of scoliosis by retraining the posture memory.  This process creates a new muscle memory to hold the curved spine straighter over time. In fact, in our peer-reviewed and independently published "success rate" study 93% of patients did not need scoliosis surgery and their scoliosis curves reduced by 9-15 degrees on average. Get free recommendations on scoliosis exercises sent directly to your email.

Why Progression Skyrockets in Curves Over 25 Degrees

Idiopathic scoliosis over 25 degrees may progress to 50 degrees or more.  This is when doctors start recommending scoliosis fusion surgery. This is frustrating because the same doctors often suggest "wait and watch" for mild scoliosis (curves less than 25 degrees). They only recommend treatment once the scoliosis curve progression already has momentum.

ScoliSMART doctors never recommend waiting. Early intervention is crucial because scoliosis has a "twisting" effect that skyrockets the chances scoliosis will progress after curves reach 25 degrees. 

The spinal bending and rotation caused by scoliosis, changes and accelerates when a curve is more than 25 degrees. Like a twisting rubber band, increased twisting makes the spine bend even more.  ScoliSMART focuses on treating the whole scoliosis condition. Our approach can stop the spinal curve progression, reduce the scoliosis curvature, while letting kids still be kids.  Get recommendations for preventing bracing for scoliosis sent directly to your email

Exercises That Stop Scoliosis By Creating a New Posture Memory

The ScoliSMART doctors give credit to all professionals using exercises to help people with scoliosis.  Especially helping children avoid surgery. But, not all scoliosis exercises work the same. Voluntary movement exercises, like ones done at a gym, do not create a new posture memory.  Only "Reflexive Response" exercises influence posture memory. 

Reflexive response exercises occur when the body automatically responds to weight that unbalances the body's center of gravity. For example, the whole body pulls to the left when carrying a heavy bucket of water in your right hand. These movements become automated habits in our brains. This same concept can create a new and straighter posture memory in the brains of scoliosis patients. Kids and adults

Why is this important? Most scoliosis cases are idiopathic (of unknown cause), yet their progression stems from a neuro-hormonal problem with the brain's control of the spine in response to gravity (Posture Memory).  This occurs during periods of rapid growth spurts in kids and teens

Posture control/memory is an automatic reflex. Human beings do not have any direct control over spinal alignment.  We don't have to think about standing up and resisting gravity.  Our brains pull out the mental picture out of our posture memory and remember how to do it.  As infants, we keep trying to stand until we can do it without focusing on the task. ScoliSMART reflexive response exercises stop scoliosis because they form a new posture memory.

Treatment Solutions for All Ages

Scoliosis comes in many forms, each with its own set of diagnostic criteria and specific age of onset. Clinical testing, nutrient therapies and a scoliosis-specific exercise program will benefit your child with scoliosis, especially if action is taken immediately to avoid further curve progression.

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ScoliSMART Clinics is committed to treating the WHOLE scoliosis condition, not only the curve. Genetic & clinical testing with targeted nutrient therapies, expert in-office treatment programs, and the world’s only ScoliSMART Activity Suit provides patients of all ages with the most comprehensive, most effective, and least invasive treatment options available worldwide.

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