Is Scoliosis BootCamp Right for You?

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Is ScoliSMART™ right for you?

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Halt progression - reduce the existing curvature
Improve cosmetic appearance - reduce pain
Improve breathing and function levels


Scoliosis BootCamp - for Scoliosis Curvatures 25º or Larger

  • A 10-day treatment program designed to help patients with spinal curvature over 25 degrees
  • A place to gain control over the scoliosis curvature (emotionally and physically)
  • A patient centered and specialized scoliosis exercise approach to scoliosis treatment
  • A comprehensive program of exercises for scoliosis that re-trains the muscles and brain to learn how to work together again, without pain or exhaustion
  • An innovative and exciting scientifically proven method of structurally changing your scoliosis condition

Scoliosis BootCamp is NOT dangerous or risky and is available for patients aged five, to adults well into their sixties, making it an option that is as effective for teenage scoliosis, as it is for seniors.

Scoliosis BootCamp's Goals Are...

  • To jumpstart your home scoliosis exercise training routine**
  • To set you up for long term success
  • To yield permanent measurable results
  • To reduce and stabilize your scoliotic curve

bootcamp girl2Our 10 day moderate intensity exercise based program designed to:

• Stop or slow progression

• Reduce and stabilize existing curvature

• Improve function and cosmetic appearance

• Eliminate the need for invasive bracing or surgery

This program uses a unique process to first Un-Lock the spine by decreasing scoliosis rigidity caused from neurological and soft tissue adaptations. Followed by ScoliSMART™ training using patented scoliosis exercise equipment specifically designed to create new muscle memory. Scoliosis BootCamp™ comes complete with homecare equipment and instructions, timelines, and re-evaluation points. Thousands of children and adults have been through our Scoliosis BootCamp™ program achieving lasting scoliosis reduction, cosmetic improvement, and have avoided more invasive scoliosis procedures like bracing or spinal fusion surgery.

Example Scoliosis BootCamp™ Schedule:

Week 1

Consult & Exam
1st treatment
Treatment from
Treatment from
Treatment from
Treatment from
8am - 1pm
Weekend Care Review
Rehab Session
(4 Total)
Treatment from 2-4pmTreatment from 2-4pmTreatment from 2-4pmTreatment from 2-4pmRehab Session
​(2 Total)
Rehab Session
​(4 Total)

All Rehab sessions are conducted by the patient outside of the office according to the home rehab program prescribed by the doctor.

Week 2

Treatment from
Treatment from
Treatment from
Treatment from
Treatment from
8am - 1pm
Home Care Review
Treatment from 2-4pmTreatment from 2-4pmTreatment from 2-4pmTreatment from 2-4pm

Clinic schedules will vary

What Happens After Scoliosis Camp? The 5 R’s of a Successful BootCamp Program 

Reduce Curve Rigidity

Every patient’s curvature will carry a certain amount of rigidity. Your doctor will determine what treatment is necessary to decrease curve rigidity. 

Retrain Muscle

ScoliSMART™ exercises are used to recruit new muscle memory which holds the  spine in  a new straighter position.

Repeat Home Training

Multiple sessions of ScoliSMART™ exercise training at home will cause corrective adaptation and spinal stability.


Periodic evaluations are needed to monitor success of your home care program and determine if more clinical treatment is needed. 


Additional treatment may be necessary to achieve greater scoliosis reduction levels. 

Scoliosis is a progressive condition that is most active and aggressive during the adolescent years in which a child is experiencing periods of rapid growth. It is imperative that an ongoing scoliosis training program is consistently performed on a daily basis. The single most important factor in the continued long-term success of scoliosis stabilization is a high compliance rate with the home training program.  It needs to be recognized from the very beginning that the home care program is a long-term commitment and must be continued to ensure stabilization of the scoliosis during these periods of rapid growth.

The greatest factors in ensuring compliance to a long-term home training program are a positive patient attitude towards the program and a low confusion rate.   Keep it fun/rewarding and keep it simple. While the patient will need to dedicate a fair amount of time and effort into the initial scoliosis training program during the curve reduction phase of treatment, they can often maintain their scoliosis reduction with less effort once the curvature has been stabilized.


Static ScoliSMART™ Training

Morning (1 session before school or work): 
Wear ScoliSMART™ Training Equipment 20 minutes

Afternoon (2 sessions after school or work)
Wear ScoliSMART™ Training Equipment 20 minutes
Spinal molding program prior to bed 15 minutes if prescribed.

Weekends (Up to 5 Sessions permitted)

Dynamic ScoliSMART™ Training

1-2 hours daily movement wearing the ScoliSMART™ Activity Suit

Generally this routine is required for at least 6-8 months before scoliosis stability is achieved and a reduction of home care frequency can be considered, always consult your doctor when changing training frequency.

3-4 months following Scoliosis Exercise Camps

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