Getting to know your ScoliSMART Activity Suit

You've made a choice to take control of your scoliosis, and the ScoliSMART Activity Suit is the perfect complement to help reduce your curvature, increase flexibility and reduce pain associated with scoliosis.

Understanding the Pieces

The pieces of your ScoliSMART Activity Suit perform a specific function in the treatment process, and each piece is as important as the order in which they are put on.

Leg Band

The Leg Band is the piece that goes on first and anchors the Belt to the upper thigh and activates the SAS when you are active. Align the tall panel area to the outside of your thigh with the short end toward the front of your leg. Wrap the longer end around your thigh and secure in front with the velcro on the shorter end. This should be a comfortable fit that isn't too loose and not tight enough to restrict movement or cut off circulation. 

Leg Band



Your Belt goes on next and will connect to the Leg Band allowing the torso and hips to be engaged in the active resistance created with the ScoliSMART Activity Suit. Hold the Belt in both hands so it is on your side - opposite of the side with the Leg Band. Take one end and attach the velcro tab to the top velcro panel on the Leg Band. Next, grab the other end with both hands and pull down and toward your Leg Band and attach to the lower velcro panel, overlapping the first tab. This creates the tension needed for proper correction, so the more tension the stronger the resistance.



The next step is to put on your Vest. This piece links the upper part of the body into the corrective resistance that will be created, as well as anchoring to the Belt to ensure proper fit. Slide your arm through the hole and place the strap on your shoulder and then hold one end of the Vest in each hand. Take the hand with the front of the Vest and wrap it around the front of your body and hold it in place while you take the other hand and pull tightly as you wrap it around to the front, sliding your other hand away as you come across. Once you have reached the front, secure the velcro to the front of the Vest and then ensure the tab at the bottom of the Vest is attached to your Belt. This helps hold the belt in the proper position.


Tension Strap

Lastly, you will put on the Tension Strap, which is responsible for linking the Belt to the Vest and creating the corrective resistance. Begin with the Tension Strap behind your back with one side in each hand and begin to position it so it follows the direction and angle of the Belt as it wraps around your back. With the part of the Tension Strap that is lower, find the center velcro patch on the back of the Belt and attach that end. Then pull the other end creating tension while wrapping around your side and secure it to the front of your Vest. This is the final step to link all the pieces together and to create the resistance that is needed for engaging your scoliosis curve.

Tension Band

How to put on your ScoliSMART Activity Suit

While it may seem complicated at first glance, putting on your SAS is pretty simple. We've created a video below to show the process starting with the Belt and ending with the Tension Strap. After you've put on your ScoliSMART Activity Suit a few times, you will get a sense of how it should feel when it's on correctly. If you have any questions about how to wear your SAS or if you aren't quite sure you are putting it on correctly please contact us for assistance.

Cleaning your ScoliSMART Activity Suit

Cleaning your ScoliSMART Activity Suit is very easy. Place the pieces in a sink and use warm water and a gentle soap to clean both sides of the pieces. Then wring them out and hang to dry. Never use a washing machine or dryer when cleaning your ScoliSMART Activity Suit.