Comprehensive Scoliosis Care
for Children and Adults

The ScoliSMART Approach
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At ScoliSMART Clinics, we offer the most comprehensive scoliosis treatment program ever created — available to both children (6-17) and adults (18+) with idiopathic scoliosis. We strive to treat the whole scoliosis condition, not just the curve. For children, this means getting back to being a kid — not a condition. For adults, this means addressing the underlying causes of chronic scoliosis pain.

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25/25 Scoliosis Initiative is a collaborative effort by the Orthopedic and Chiropractic professions.

Scoliosis Fusion Surgery, while necessary in some cases, is the most invasive scoliosis treatment methodology currently offered to patients.

June is Scoliosis Month

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The long-term complications of the procedure are well documented and patient benefit is often disputed in the literature, making it a less ideal form of treatment. Advances in the understanding of the scoliosis condition have led to developments in less invasive non-spinal fusion treatments that offer the real possibility of significantly reducing the number of spinal fusion surgeries for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in the near future.

The 25 in 25 Scoliosis Initiative is a comprehensive and collaborative effort to reduct the number of scoliosis fusion surgeries by 25% in 25 years.

We are hoping to accomplish this goal through:

  1. 1. Public awareness of scoliosis on the effects of the condition, common myths, and the need to find early stage scoliosis interventions to prevent the need for scoliosis fusion surgeries.
  2. 2. Proactive Parent Empowerment by knowing the most common profiles of early stage scoliosis patients, at home screening procedures, prognostic testing, and a complete and unbiased list of early stage scoliosis intervention opportunities.
  3. 3. Encouraging and promoting prognostic testing for scoliosis to identify children who are most "at risk" for curve progression.
  4. 4. Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention opportunities such as specialized exercise programs, ScoliSMART™ Activity Suit or bracing, neurotransmitter supplementation, and minimally invasive non-fusion surgical procedures.

Join us in this effort to find a better way to treat scoliosis in the future by signing the online petition on the International Chiropractic Scoliosis Board's website, and by sharing this information with friends on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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