Case Study: Madeline T.

Patient Age: 10
Curve reduced from 36º to 22º
ScoliSMART recommended treatment:
Daily rehab sessions with the Torso Trainer and ScoliSMART Activity Suit along with her testing guided supplementation for the next 4-6 months before re-evaluation and a 2.5 day “Boost” treatment session.

Madelines Success Story

madeline and dr stitzel

With the phrase “never, ever, ever give up,” as her mantra, Madeline Traeger began her journey with scoliosis and the caring professionals of ScoliSMART with hope.

When their family doctor detected Madeline’s scoliosis in the fall of 2019, and this was confirmed by her orthopedist a year later, Madeline’s mom Kim was devastated by the news. Her daughter had a 33 degree curve and was told bracing was her best option. The Boston Brace, in fact, to be worn 23 hours every day for 4 -5 years.

“We were not satisfied with the brace as a treatment plan,” said Kim. Madeline was scared. “I was really surprised and scared. Why me?” And the thought of a brace? It wasn’t sounding good at all. Their family felt there had to be a better way to fight this condition that would be part of their daughter’s life forever.

Madeline’s father, Fred “thoroughly investigated all options,” and the family found ScoliSMART. Madeline became immersed in the Scoliosis Warriors Facebook group and was excited to read through the stories of success.

After speaking with one of their scoliosis experts, it was decided that Madeline would participate in ScoliSMART’s Scoliosis Bootcamp, a 5-day program that uses innovative therapies and scoliosis-specific exercise to strengthen muscles and improve postural symmetry. One final barrier was the time and distance required to attend the camp – Madeline’s family lives in Indianapolis and decided to travel all the way to Pennsylvania. They made it happen.

Madeline was nervous. And “sooo excited.” She found the ScoliSMART clinic and staff to be an “amazing and interesting place” where everyone she came in contact with was incredibly friendly. Each day of the camp, Madeline would participate in 5-6 different stations for a predetermined amount of time based on her personal diagnosis. Experts taught Madeline how each specific exercise would work to re-train and strengthen her muscles to reduce her spine’s curvature. She also learned how these techniques would improve her posture, and maintain her potential curve reduction with her home exercise program.

“It was magical really!” says Madeline of her boot camp experience. Feeling proud, grateful, TIRED and happy, her results were outstanding, reducing her curve from 36 degrees to 22 degrees during the week of camp. “We expected it to be great,” she says, “but we were blown away.”

Even after the boot camp experience, Madeline understands the continued work that must be a part of her daily life. Home exercises will need to be completed every day, and with school and a busy schedule, finding time to do these will be her biggest challenge. She plans to work hard, and help others learn about ScoliSMART.

Her advice to other teens like herself? “You are strong! It is ok to be nervous! Keep living your life and be happy, don’t let this ruin your life. You are stronger than that!”

Need more information about the ScoliSMART Approach?

Need more information about the ScoliSMART Approach?

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