Case Study: Bethany B.

Patient Age: 15
Curve reduced from 13º to 2º
ScoliSMART recommended treatment:
Daily rehab sessions with the Torso Trainer and ScoliSMART Activity Suit along with her testing guided supplementation for the next 4-6 months before re-evaluation and a 2.5 day “Boost” treatment session.

Bethany's Success Story

bethany pre-post x-rays

“I soon realized that I had to be the strong one,” said Edna, mom to 15-year-old Bethany. After learning about her daughter’s diagnosis, she was sad. Sad that Bethany, at only 15, would have to endure the scoliosis condition for the rest of her life. All moms can relate, can’t they?

After her chiropractor recommended Bethany get an x-ray, Edna started researching non-invasive scoliosis treatment options online. She came across ScoliSMART and “the reviews were excellent.” Bethany wasn’t surprised with her scoliosis diagnosis, as she had been experiencing a lot of back pain. She was eager to learn more about ScoliSMART. “I wasn’t excited about the possibility of wearing a back brace,” says Bethany, “because I saw first-hand what my friend (with scoliosis) had to deal with.”

Despite Bethany’s hesitation about the unknown of ScoliSMART, mom and daughter enrolled in the ScoliSMART BootCamp program. Based on Bethany’s specific scoliosis diagnosis, this intensive, 5-day program uses innovative techniques and scoliosis-specific exercises to retrain muscles and the brain to reduce spinal curvature. The program also focuses specifically on the cause of the curvature, highlighting the importance of genetic and neurotransmitter testing.

“They cared about Bethany’s personal needs,” said Edna. “The staff was loving and friendly.” And despite this being a completely new experience for Bethany, it was easy for her to “drop Bethany off and leave her in the hands of the staff.”

Bethany felt instantly at ease after meeting and working with the “amazing” staff. “I didn’t have an expectation (about boot camp) but it turned out to be a successful process.” Edna was completely surprised with how fast the BootCamp program worked. Within her 5-day participation, Bethany’s curve went from 13 degrees to 2 degrees. They were elated.

Bethany will continue to stay motivated and work on her home exercise program, developed specifically for her by the experts at ScoliSMART. As an active and busy teen, her biggest challenge will be to find time for her daily routine. However, Bethany understands the importance of keeping her scoliosis condition under control.

Edna’s strength and perseverance made the difference for Bethany and she has similar advice for parents faced with the news of a scoliosis diagnosis. “Be your child’s biggest supporter,” she says. “Listen to their needs and never downplay their pain.” 

Need more information about the ScoliSMART Approach?

Need more information about the ScoliSMART Approach?

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