What are ScoliSMART's Scoliosis BootCamps?

  • Jumpstart rapid curve reduction
  • Self-empowering rehab programs
  • Verified in-treatment X-Ray resullts
  • Daily home rehab program for long-term solution

ScoliSMART BootCamp can change your child's life forever.

Dr. Clayton J. Stitzel, DC

Types of Bootcamps

They all started out as smaller curves. Our proactive approach to treating scoliosis significantly increases your chance of avoiding invasive spinal procedures in the future.

Small Curve Camp

For Scoliosis Curves Under 25º

Scoliosis BootCamp

For Scoliosis Curves Over 25º

After one day of treatment she was literally bouncing around and smiling - she was like a totally different kid.

Bill, Emily's dad

For Scoliosis Curves Under 25º

Small Curve Camp

Take a proactive approach to your child’s scoliosis with the Small Curve Camp. This intensive 5 or 10 day camp uses scoliosis specific exercises and equipment to re-train spinal muscles, and reduce curvature in kids

The orthopedic doctor took X-rays and said there is a 20-degree curvature of the spine and nothing you can do at this time.
  • Non-invasive, proactive approach that strengthens your child's spinal muscles
  • Reduces existing curvature
  • Slows or eliminates curve progression
  • Prevents bracing or spinal surgery
  • Promotes stability and postural symmetry
  • Creates long-term plan specific to your child’s scoliosis

For Scoliosis Curves Above 25º

Scoliosis BootCamp

ScoliSMART BootCamps offer a non-invasive option for kids that will prevent the need for rigid bracing or spinal surgery. Doctors lead patients through core-stabilization rehabilitation and moderate exercise to retrain muscles surrounding the spine.

I was told the only option was surgery. That's when I started looking for a second opinion and found ScoliSMART.
  • Gain emotional and physical control over their scoliosis
  • Halt curve progression & reduce existing curve
  • Receive a personalized treatment program specific to their diagnosis
  • Improve function and cosmetic appearance
  • Avoid reaching the surgical threshold

Is ScoliSMART BootCamp right for your child?

Upload your child's X-Ray to receive a no-cost consultation

Genetic and Clinical lab testing

What Are the Advantages of the ScoliSMART Approach for My Child?

As parents with children of our own we understand scoliosis is more than just measurements on x-rays, your child’s health, quality of life, and treatment experience when diagnosed with a spinal condition is of paramount importance.  Our approach is proactive, non-invasive, and does not require kids to be exposed to the socially embarrassing day time scoliosis braces or having to choose between the sports/activities they love and effective treatment.

Need more information about the ScoliSMART Approach?

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Meet the ScoliSMART Doctors

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Dr. Clayton J Stitzel

Dr. Clayton J. Stitzel

Dr. Mark Morningstar

Dr. Mark Morningstar

Dr. Brian T Dovorany

Dr. Brian T. Dovorany

Dr. Aatif Siddiqui

Dr. Aatif Siddiqui