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A 30-minute exercise program will improve your body image and your overall quality of life.

Thanks to our guest blogger this month, Amy Nelson, co-founder of ExecLevel Wellness and Scoliosis Warrior. 

There is more to the scoliosis condition than just the curve. Chronic pain, depression, body image issues…the unseen symptoms of living with scoliosis can be just as challenging as what you can see on an x-ray. Read More

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Last updated on October 21st, 2021 at 08:31 am

Diana Chaloux was determined not to let her childhood scoliosis stop her from becoming a fitness model. But when she started competing, her spinal curve put her at a serious disadvantage.

Body symmetry is a key category in bodybuilding and figure competitions and a “major element to being successful at the sport,” she says. She began incorporating core-strengthening exercises into her daily living routine. Building up her core muscles through adult scoliosis exercises helped balance out her posture while supporting the rest of her training program. Read More

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Learning about your child’s scoliosis condition reveals surprising results. New research confirms that genetic testing and subsequent nutrient therapies can positively impact scoliosis. Staying active is a must, and many parents express concern over allowing their child with scoliosis to participate in athletics. But exercise is pivotal to any successful treatment plan. Read More

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Maintaining a good posture for scoliosis is a critical aspect of a successful lifelong treatment strategy. The best exercises for scoliosis are low impact, focus on core strengthening exercises for scoliosis, and exercises to relieve scoliosis pain. While scoliosis exercises to straighten the spine are generally unique to the ScoliSMART approach for adolescent patients, exercises for adult scoliosis can significantly improve quality of life. This article includes information on Yoga for scoliosis, stretches that relieve scoliosis pain, and core exercises for scoliosis. Read More

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One of the most common questions I get from parents and patients is how does the ScoliSMART Activity Suit compare to the Spine Corporation (SpineCor) Brace?

We shouldn’t simply compare, but rather contrast the differences!

The ScoliSMART Activity Suit is to the SpineCor Brace as apples are to oranges — they are different products, designed to do different things and yield different results. Perhaps the only thing they have in common is that both are used to treat patients with scoliosis — kids and adults. Read More

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Many people know someone who claims their joint pain can predict the weather. But is it true?

Although there’s not much scientific proof that changes in weather amplify chronic pain, some correlations have been found. Patients with joint pain—caused by rheumatoid arthritis, for example—often report that damp or cold weather intensifies their symptoms. One survey found that 67 percent of patients with osteoarthritis believe the weather heightens their pain. Another study of people with chronic joint pain found similar results. Read More

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Treating scoliosis often means forcing the spine into alignment with invasive measures such as a back brace or surgically inserted rods.

But what many patients don’t know is that there’s a third option: improving communication between the brain and muscles through scoliosis physical therapy.

When doctors treat scoliosis curves with bracing or surgery, they’re not actually addressing the source of the problem. While the root cause of idiopathic scoliosis is unknown, the disorder’s progression occurs because the brain doesn’t respond properly to gravity, causing the spine to become incorrectly oriented. Read More

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Last updated on October 21st, 2021 at 08:49 am

When seeking relief from scoliosis pain, many of today’s patients turn to yoga.

Although this ancient practice doesn’t make any significant impact on the progression of spinal curves, the strengthening and structural alignment developed through yoga poses (known as asanas) can reduce pain and help patients live more comfortable lives. Read More

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