Comprehensive Scoliosis Care
for Children and Adults

The ScoliSMART Approach
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At ScoliSMART Clinics, we offer the most comprehensive scoliosis treatment program ever created — available to both children (6-17) and adults (18+) with idiopathic scoliosis. We strive to treat the whole scoliosis condition, not just the curve. For children, this means getting back to being a kid — not a condition. For adults, this means addressing the underlying causes of chronic scoliosis pain.

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Scoliosis an abnormal curvature.

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine usually starting as a child.  It many time goes un noticed because the curve starts out small and progresses over time until you see a shoulder sticking out (winging) or a should higher than the other.  You may even see a child shifted to one side.

“Scoliosis is an abnormal curving of the spine. The disorder often occurs in adolescents just before they hit puberty during their growth spurt. Although scoliosis can be caused by conditions such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy, most causes of scoliosis are unknown. Treatment for scoliosis depends on the curvature of the spine. For example, if the curve is less than 25°, then no treatment is required but curves more than 45° may require spine surgery NJ for safe correction.”

Yes this is a great point, many surgeons follow this rule but this is not the best rule to follow.  Why not treat a curve that is under 25° so that the curve never gets to a point that some doctor wants to put your child in a brace or recommend surgery for them.  Small curves are always easier to reduce large curve or very difficult to work on and the amount of correction on very large curves may not be enough.

This innovative boot camp allows children with scoliosis to receive the treatment they need without missing too much school. Almost any age can benefit from the new scoliosis treatment; however advanced spinal curvature may limit the effectiveness of the treatment. If the spine is too curved, the surgical treatment may be the most effective option. However, surgery is the final treatment option, and this new non-surgical scoliosis treatment program is allowing kids to receive the scoliosis treatment they need before it is too late without falling behind in school.

This is a great option, a boot camp that can help a kid with his or her scoliosis without the use of bracing or surgery is the best way to approach this disease. Putting rods in some kids back and changing the natural process of how their spine functions for ever cannot seem like it is the best way.

The following are potential signs of scoliosis in children:

If you reference this article it does share many of the potential signs that you should be looking out for if you think your child has scoliosis.  If you think your child has scoliosis please don’t wait get him or her checked out and take action as soon as possible.  A great starting point is with a scoliosis boot camp doctor to get evaluated and see what your non surgical options are.

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