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What is the ScoliSMART® Clinics?

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Scolismart was started by Dr. Aatif Siddiqui, Dr. Clayton Stitzel, Dr. Brian Dovorany and Dr. Mark Morningstar. Through a lot of  "out-of-the-box" thinking, they came up with a system of scoliosis treatment of the 5 R's that could "unlock" the curve from the maladapted soft tissue, re-position the spine, and then "re-lock down" the soft tissue again to hold the new position.

This is a small step by step process that needs to be repeated time and time again until the soft tissue and brain can be taught to hold the new, straighter position, but the point can be done. Please keep in mind the gravity of what we are attempting to do here.....we are introducing and completely new thought process into the world of scoliosis treatment. New system of analysis based on the most current understanding of spinal biomechanics, rehab principles that involve some of the most cutting edge neurological re-training concepts, and well researched vibration therapies that have rarely been used in a clinical setting.

Dr. Woggon spent about 4 years developing the system until he started getting consistent positive results and then began holding lectures on the treatment system in 2004. We (he and I) developed the scoliosis traction chair about that time and things really started to roll from there. Now we have approximately 50 certified docs and the organization has moved into non-profit status (harder than it sounds).

We understand that flying in the face of conventional wisdom is tough sledding and will attract skeptics and always does, but history is on our side.....the world really is round, the earth moves around the sun, and micro-organisms really do exist.....all of these concepts were openly mocked in their day, but accepted as obvious fact now. I think we'll come down on the right side of history on this one.....I'm betting my life's work on it.

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