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Signs of Scoliosis

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Surgery is one way to fix the curvature of the spine known as scoliosis, but it may not always be the best solution depending on how much your spine has curved. There are a number of factors that can help determine whether or not scoliosis surgery is a good option. Complications from the surgery may give you some perspective on whether or not the surgery will be right for you. If scoliosis is caught early enough, before a 25-degree angle has developed, you may have more options of treatment such as exercises that will be specifically designed for you to improve your spine. The bigger the angle, the harder it is to correct the problem. It’s best to learn the signs of scoliosis so you can spot them in your children. Even scoliosis over a 25-degree angle can still be treated with specific exercises and can be a better alternative to surgery. This infographic explains the advantages and disadvantages of undergoing surgery to correct scoliosis so that you can make an informed decision on alternative treatment options. Considering some of the stats on scoliosis surgery, you want may want to try alternative options.


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