The ScoliSMART® Scoliosis Bootcamp is designed for patients with scoliosis curves 25º or larger


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Scoliosis Treatment Results You Must See to Believe


Elizabeth’ parents found our program via the internet. Her father and mother who live in Michigan decided to enroll their 8 year old daughter in the Scoliosis Bootcamp™ treatment program rather than opting for scoliosis surgery. Elizabeth having a very progressive scoliosis had tried other forms of treatment including chiropractic, exercises, and Spine Cor bracing which had no affect on her scoliosis and it continued to get worse.


After accepting her case, she began treatment in the scoliosis boot camp setting. Both Dr Stitzel and Dr Dovorany have lectured internationally on the topic of scoliosis rehabilitation and are trained to handle all levels of scoliosis. After 2 weeks of treatment her scoliosis began to reduce and stabilize. Elizabeth worked hard and was a trooper.

40% Sustained Reduction!



elizabeth-post-standingelizabeth-pre-standingElizabeth who is now age 10 has performed home care exercises and uses the scoliosis traction chair. In the first year she had to visit his clinic to get evaluated and have the chair adjusted as well as her exercise program which consisted of 100% neuromuscular retraining. As you can see by her x-rays and posture the program has changed her spine dramatically. Although her spine will not become perfectly straight she has very little visual deformity and her breathing and heart function is completely normal. Elizabeth will not have surgery and continues to have a normal childhood without rigid braces and without the trauma and future side effects of a scoliosis surgery.



Violet was diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis at age 12. Violet’s scoliosis continued to progress with standard medical treatment involving doing nothing and bracing. Violet’s mom Marcy searched the internet trying to find a non surgical solution for her daughter. Violet started treatment and began her journey back to a normal childhood.


In May of 2010 Violet’s orthopedic surgeon measured her scoliosis at 47 degrees and scheduled her for scoliosis surgery over her Christmas break. That is when Marcy immediately scheduled Violet for a 2 week Intensive Care program. Soon after Violet was participating in the Scoliosis Boot Camp program and was gaining momentum quickly as she worked diligently with the doctor.

81% Sustained Correction!


After 2 weeks of scoliosis boot camp Violets posture and scoliosis reduced dramatically. Violet spent one more week with the doctor 3 months later where she was able to further reduce her scoliosis and gain tremendous strength and stability. With some minor adjustments to her home care program using the scoliosis traction chair and neuromuscular retraining Violet by herself gained an additional 16 degree reduction. Violet no longer is classified with having adolescent idiopathic scoliosis because her scoliosis is now under 10 degrees and holding a year after starting her program. Violet has regained her self confidence and reclaimed her childhood.





See how the posture shifted and the hips came under her and the neuromuscular retraining has changed her head position to right of gravity rather than left of gravity.




Scoliosis X-rays should be measured using predictable vector physics relative to a neutral gravitational line Traditional Cobb angle measurements are far less valuable to see what changes are taking place from treatment. This example demonstrates the change in overall area of spinal displacement And the triangular shapes have gotten smaller which is the goal.

26% Reduction!



27% Reduction!


X-ray below taken In Scoliosis Traction Chair