Make No Mistake...
This is NOT a Brace.

Our patented Scoliosis Activity Suit uses active resistance and your body's own motion to help your spine return to a more neutral and straight position.

It's Not a Brace!

scoliosis activity suitA dynamic ScoliSMART™ exercise program used in combination with outpatient care.

Designed to work with the natural torque pattern of human locomotion, the Scoliosis Activity Suit™ is the latest innovation in scoliosis treatment.

New Scoliosis Activity Suit harnesses energy of human’s natural movement to create new muscle memory. This new muscle memory reduces and stabilizes asymmetrical muscle firing thereby reducing risk of curve progression and helping the spine unwind naturally, never forced.

With each step, the body resists the Scoliosis Activity Suit’s force, changing the muscle’s stored energy and firing sequence. Like muscles, the spine adapts in terms of time and need according to demand.  

Unlike bracing, the Scoliosis Activity Suit™ does not use direct pressure on the peaks of the curves to force correction as forcing correction does not induce new muscle memory. 

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