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How Your Spine is Affected By Your Posture

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The human body is an amazing machine which we sometimes can't help but abuse and take advantage of. However, if you want to be sure that your body will stay healthy and thriving into your later years, it's important to concentrate on the wellness of your spine. Made up of three basic curves that help maximize the advantages for weight bearing, your spine acts as an arch, effectively distributing the stress of day-to-day activities. Not many of us can claim to know much about our spine, which is why we've provided this infographic to help you understand as well as categorize your own posture. Getting to know which posture you most likely fit into will then help you take the necessary steps toward spinal correction through our guide.

Bad posture can be separated into a few different categories of causes. The first set mainly affecting mothers, the second, children, and the third is for those of us who spend most of our work time outdoors. Everyday tasks can be excruciatingly stressful on our spines, which attributes to the 70% of women who will report back pain at some point in their lives and the astonishingly 79% of kids who felt their backpacks were too heavy. Once your posture has been determined, it will then be easier to correct it to avoid any issues down the line such as Scoliosis. Standing, as well as sitting at your desk correctly, taking proper breaks, and exercising, are just some of the techniques that will ensure your spine is in great and working condition!

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