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To hear your child needs scoliosis surgery is dreadful!  How did it get to this point?  Here are a few of the things you want to look out for so you do not get to this point:

Is there a family history of scoliosis?  If you are the mother and you have scoliosis, chances are your daughter and even your son is at risk.  Just because your case was a mild case is not a proxy for your offspring's potential risk. Rather, it is more likely that their case will be worse than yours.

Why?  Environmental factors are significant triggers in today's world. Consider the food we eat. In the interest of convenience and to support the working family households, food today is highly processed, fast, and convenient. Food comes in cans, boxes, plastic bags, frozen, ready to eat, etc. etc. The farther away from the 'whole food' chain you get the less nutrients your food has. If you do not give your body the highest quality food then it cannot do its job in rebuilding itself properly.  Most people today need to add supplements to their food as most of our current food is not nutrient rich.  Pollution is another environmental consideration triggering scoliosis. Pollution puts undue stress on the nervous system. Living in cities with better air quality is ideal but not always practical. Next consider the computer age we live in. We spend most of our office time at work sitting in front of a computer. We come home and sit some more.  Kids sit with media and adults with the TV or apple TV. We live an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. We sit a lot and we sit in bad positions. We constantly deprive our bodies of much needed exercise.  We work many more hours now then we had in the past which limits our free time or recreational time. The good news is that you have some degree of control with most of the above triggers. You may choose to eat whole foods, exercise, and be more mindful of your posture. While, less convenient in the short-run, it would support a healthier you in the long-run. How about bracing? Will that keep me out of surgery?

Wearing of the antiquated scoliosis brace will not help a scoliosis. In fact, recent research suggests that a hard brace creates a larger rib hump deformity.  How about exercises? That depends on the type of exercise.  Consider swimming.

You hear swimming is good for scoliosis.  Unfortunately that is a myth.  How about Yoga?  Yoga was not developed for scoliosis. In fact, there are about a dozen positions that you want to be cautious with when doing yoga.  So do you have any options?  Yes...Four words: Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention.  This merits saying it twice and with emphasis: Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention.

The best thing to do if you are a parent and have scoliosis yourself and do not want your child going down the same path is Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention.  It is always easier to help a smaller curve stay small then getting a big curve to become small.  Keep an eye on your child from a young age. As soon as you notice any sign of a high shoulder, a shoulder that is more forward then the other, a shift from midline of the posture or even a high hip get and x-ray and get it treated not with bracing or surgery but rather with Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention.  

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