The ScoliSMART® Scoliosis Bootcamp is designed for patients with scoliosis curves 25º or larger


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Moderate to Severe Scoliosis Treatment Options

Most children and adults with moderate to severe scoliosis are told there is nothing that can be done accept for scoliosis brace treatment or scoliosis surgery. Scoliosis Boot Camp was specially designed to offer patients an alternative scoliosis treatment that can reduce and stabilize moderate to severe curvature of the spine. The treatment mechanics are quite simple, first reduce the soft tissue resistance created by adaptation and time, reposition the spinal column in a decompressed state while delivering vibrations to cause an afferent neurological input stimulation to disengage the brain's muscle control and memory, and then reprogram the brain/muscle control to reposition the spinal column in a new straighter alignment.

The use of specialized equipment to create a decrease in soft tissue resistance allows the somewhat rigid curvature to become more flexible. This equipment does not create pain but merely slight pressure and pulling. Once the spine has lowered its resistance to change then traction de-rotation forces can elongate and reduce the existing scoliosis. After the spine has been stretched and untwisted then muscle recruitment is needed to hold the spine in a straighter position. The use of new innovative spinal resistance training equipment known as scoliosis cantilevers are place on the ribcage and torso while the patient balances on a vestibular disc, a rubber disc filled with air about two feet wide. This cantilever causes a pulling force on the spine and the body reacts to by contracting very deep small muscle which in turn changes the spines position in gravity. When this is done repetitiously the spine will adapt to the forces and change permanently.