The ScoliSMART® Small Curve Camp is designed for patients with scoliosis curves less than 25º


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ESSI Saved Me from Scoliosis Surgery

Meet Zak and see the reduction in his scoliosis curves after just a few days on our scoliosis treatment program


Before treatment Zak's head and hip were not centered with gravity. After just one week of EarlyStage Scoliosis Intervention using neurological based rehabilitation his head and hips are in line with gravity creating stability and decreasing progression.

Forward head posture is very common in early stage scoliosis patientsand is often a precursor to the development of poor hip and head alignment. You can see that after the one week intensive care program that hishead posture is significantly improved decreasing overall stress on thespine and creating better stability in gravity.

When given the option to watch and monitor Ellie’s scoliosis, her mother chose
a pro-active early stage rehabilitation program significantly reducing any chance of progression



Following an expanded care program, Ellie’s X-Rays show a significant curve reduction.

Ellie was at a crossroads with her scoliosis. It was considered too mild for any treatment from the orthopedic doctor. Taking a pro-active approach to treating and preventing the progression of scoliosis, the Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention program greatly reduced her visible postural problems, preventing the further progression of her scoliosis, without the use of bracing or the need for surgery.

Ali's Scoliosis Treatment was a Slam Dunk


Ali at age 13 was diagnosed with a 22 degree primary thoracic scoliosis. Her doctor recommended that she do nothing for 6 months and then another x-ray would be taken. This time her scoliosis jumped up to 30 degrees. Her mother decided to enroll her daughter in the Early Stage Intervention program rather than opting to brace her daughter. Ali now 18 years old has sustained a 15 degree scoliosis measurement and will be a starting forward for a major University basketball team.