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Adolescent and Adult Scoliosis Treatment Options

Significant differences in terms of treatment goals and abilities exist in the treatment of scoliosis depending on the age of the patient. It is imperative for the prescribed treatment plan to match and correlate with the expectations and lifestyle improvements of the patient.

Treatment plans for adolescent/young adults:

Many patients in this age group are experiencing rapid curve progression, anxiety, and social awkwardness in regards to their condition. Generally speaking, the needs of these patients center around the reduction and stabilization of the spinal curvature, as well as creating an sense of hope and empowerment. These treatment plans generally are geared towards maximum curve reduction/improvement in the shortest amount of time.

Treatment goals:

• Curve stabilization
• Curve reduction
• Postural distortion improvement
• Empowerment
• Restoring a sense of control

Treatment plans for Adult patients:

Adult patients living with scoliosis often have very different needs and requirements than patients who are still skeletally immature. Many adult scoliosis patients are experiencing pain and symptoms that significantly impair their quality of life. While curve reduction and stabilization is still the primary treatment goal, special attention and care is paid to improving the patient's overall quality of life and increasing the level of comfort in daily life. Adult scoliosis treatment plans are often gear towards more of a "slow and steady wins the race" type pace and often adjusted according to the patient's comfort level throughout treatment.

Treatment goals:

• Curve stabilization
• Pain reduction
• Postural improvement
• Continued path towards an improved quality of life