6 Sleeping/living well tips for scoliosis patients

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If you have scoliosis, here are some sleeping and living well tips for you...

1.  Don't belly sleep (lying on your stomach while sleeping).  This is probably the worst position to sleep in for anyone with scoliosis. Why is this? All scoliosis conditions are 3-dimensional.  So, if one of the dimensions gets worse it will adversely affect the other dimensions. Belly sleeping causes your thoracic spine to become flatter.  Spine flatness is a huge problem for anyone with scoliosis.  Flatter thoracic spines could cause a thoracic idiopathic scoliosis curvature to progress.  Furthermore, belly sleeping requires you to turn your head to the side. Sleeping with your head to the side would worsen this dimension of your spine. The third dimension would have no choice but to follow suit.

Sleep on a firm mattress.  It is also important to be sleeping on the right kind of mattresses at night.  Firm mattresses are recommended.

2.  Keep moving.  Never sit or stand in one place for too long. It is always a good idea for you to keep your body moving as much as possible. But, if you must sit, be certain to choose a chair with adequate support.

3.  Keep a light load. Do not carry things that are too heavy.  The increased weight from carrying heavy things will only add to the natural pull that gravity has on your spine and will only compress your spine further.

4.  Get help. Always get help when cleaning bathrooms and floors as  the increased bending may exacerbate scoliotic issues. 

5.  Focus on your core strength. Exercises that help to strengthen the core muscles are really good.  Those core muscles help to give support to the spine.

6. Stretching is also important this can help mitigate the pain and or discomfort.

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