Scoliosis Bootcamp Program

The Boot Camp program is an intensive two week scoliosis exercise rehabilitation program designed to decrease existing spinal curvatures over 25º and eliminate the need for bracing or surgery.

Do you qualify for Bootcamp?

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Make no mistake...
this is NOT a brace!

Our patented Scoliosis Activity Suit uses active resistance and your body's own motion to help your spine return to a more neutral and straight position.

Proactive Scoliosis Prevention

This program is designed to correct spine curvature and prevent the progression of scoliosis during the early stages below 25º

FREE Home Monitoring Kit for MILD curvatures under 25º

Kit includes: Wall grid, tracking chart and easy to follow instructions so you can monitor your curvature from home.

Rebalance your child's neurotransmitters and improve response to scoliosis exercises.

*This official lab test kit comes with pre-paid postage for urine sample submission. 

Lab fees apply for urine sample processing.

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Adult Scoliosis Program

A less intensive, 5 day program with the goal of increasing mobility, relieving pain, and preventing further progression and spinal deformity.

You don't need to live with pain.

Get more information on our adult scoliosis program and set up a FREE consultation with one of our doctors.

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